24 Apr

These are some of the wild flowers that could be seen on and around the Trust land in late March/early April. By the time you read this in May there will be a much wider range of plants visible. In particular, have a look at our three trial plots, which are enclosed by posts with string between them. Each plot is divided into three soil treatments - arranged so each treatment is in turn to the west, in the middle and to the east of the plot, thus eliminating bias to a certain position. They were all seeded with a wild flower mix at the same time in January. It is going to be very interesting to see how the seeds develop in the different soil treatments and how the plots compare to the rest of the land around them, which already supports a variety of plants. We would be very interested to hear your comments on this and anything else about what is happening on the Trust land - do keep visiting but please remember to keep to the paths and keep dogs on leads to avoid disturbing the wildlife that is now calling the long grass between the trees home! Email us at cwctrust@aol.com or leave a message on our website at currywoodsconservationtrust.com

Can you name all of these wildflowers?

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