17 Nov

Curry Woods Conservation Trust.                 

Website: currywoodsconservationtrust.com

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING.The Trust will hold its first Annual General meeting on the 7th December in the Old School Room starting at 1830. The meeting will be proceeded by a talk about the work of the Re-imagining the Levels Group in tackling the problem of flooding in Somerset by finding areas on the hills above the levels where trees can be planted. This is also the aim of the “Trees for Water” scheme funded by the Somerset Rivers Authority and our Trust has worked “hand in glove” with these two organisations to plant up the Curry Woods area. Much, much more land on the Somerset hills must be used to plant trees if if there is any hope of preventing the levels like West Sedgemoor in our Parish from permanent flooding in future warmer years.So please come along and hear about our efforts to help you combat climate change.There will be a General report on the last eighteen months’ work to buy the land and plant the trees. A financial report will be presented on fund raising and fully examined accounts will be available for scrutiny. These have been submitted to the Charity Commission in their required format. There will be a report on setting up the Charity and the website and how to access the latter. As we are all going to have to change how we are live our lives now that the new warmer world is with us it will be a time to celebrate our Community’s response to combat flooding and increase biodiversity by conserving and improving our great natural assets in Curry Woods.  Funding:  Our participation in the Aviva Community and Climate Change funding programme that I described last month was very fruitful. A week after the programme opened on Crowdfunder we had reached our target and so a “stretch target” was put in place as the fund will be open until the third of December. We also are very grateful for a grant from the Curry Rivel News to help with hedgerow management on the Trust’s land. Once the next round of planting is done we will move on to developing a management plan for the existing woodland, managing our hedges to maximise insect and bird life and marking the boundaries in the wood. The footpath in the wood will also be renovated and information boards built. And finally……Just a reminder that we will have another 400 trees to plant in early December and any help will be much appreciated  For dates and details watch the website or ring 01458250091/07903030533. In the meantime, thanks for all your support in the last year and, at the end of a very warm November, the team at the Trust wish you a Happy Christmas, hopefully with our families this year, and the best of everything you could wish for next year.  

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