.The CWCT is a small local charity which was formed when 9 acres of farmland and mature woodland came up for sale on a ridge above the Levels. During 2020, in spite of the pandemic, we raised £60K , mainly from the local community, to buy the la have already planted 500 trees and shrubs on the farmland and the local community has enjoyed the wildflower meadow that has developed alongside them. In the 21-22 winter we obtained another grant for a further 400 trees and shrubs, with guards and stakes. We now have around 1000 trees on site.

The weather was kind to us and our trees in 2021 and 2022 as the early rain allowed them to establish their roots and we didn't need to water. The water capturing apparatus was constructed for minimal outlay and at one point we had 6m3 of water in large tanks. However, after some of tis was used for watering, it was decided to reorganise the tanks and the roof above them to make a "shed" to use as a storage facility for guards, stakes and other paraphernalia. This was again masterminded by Alan and completed at a small cost, for materials only, covered by a grant from Curry Rivel Parish Council.

 Other points of interest on site include the glade at the northern edge, at the bottom of the wooded slope, which has been created to prevent deer from preventing sapling growth. Growth on either side of the deer netting fences will be compared as time goes by.  The wild flower plots on the southern side of the site have been set up to show the effects of rotavating, lightly disturbing and leaving alone on the development of wildflowers from prepared mixes. Results in the 2022/3 season were disappointing and inconclusive so we now await results in the spring and summer of 2024.