MAY 2022
                             Open Day at the monument! Climb to the top and enjoy
                                                                               the views!
                        Friday June 3rd (Bank Holiday for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee)

You will be familiar with the Burton Pynsent monument, situated above the village and looking over the Somerset Levels to the west- but probably not the view from the top as the monument is only opened occasionally, under supervision, as it is potentially dangerous for people to climb it alone. Tim Schroder, of Burton House, has very kindly agreed to open it on June 3rd this year, the weekend of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations, with the request that people taking advantage of this chance of an exciting climb make a donation to the CWCT at the time. The monument will be open from 2-5pm on 3rd and we hope to see you there! Peter's blog for May tells you more about the story of the monument.
Access to the monument is by a footpath from Heale Lane; it's about a ten minute walk from there. As there is no safe parking in Heale Lane the nearest parking is at Westfield, down Holdens Way or why not make an afternoon of it and walk/cycle from the village car park? Go down Water Street and take the footpath on your left after a pretty cottage, follow it, keeping right and it will lead you through fields to Heale Lane. Bring a picnic to have looking over the Levels, but please make sure to take everything you bring back with you, and of course pick up after dogs.
For adetailed description of a walk from the village to the monument and back, see

Tree planting is now over for the season so the few trees that didn't make it to us from Reimagining the Levels will now hopefully be planted in the autumn. Meanwhile we will need to ensure the newly planted trees get the water they need over the summer - plans are afoot for a method of getting the water collected in the tanks to the trees that need it. After a lot of discussion and ideas being put forward we think we have hit on a way to move water around at no additional cost to the Trust.

The professionally laid hedges should burst into life soon- in the meantime the brushwood was chipped in the last week of March and the chippings are going to be used to mulch the new trees. We have earmarked the morning of April 16th(Easter Saturday) for mulching. Please ring 07903030533 or email if you can help- you will be welcomed with open arms!.

You will notice that there is a large amount of space at the entrance to the land with no trees on it - this is going to be our wildflower meadow. Volunteers have been setting up a trial to see how best to get a lovely but economical meadow in a reasonable timeframe. Peter has written an article about this for the April CRN and you can also see it on Peter's page.

Marking out one of the plots!

In the mature woodland things have been happening too! One side of the Trust land is marked with white painted stakes and, near the bottom, a clearing has been designated for an experiment. It will eventually be fenced off with deer fencing to allow regeneration to take place. Frustrating for our (very) friendly deer but their love of new shoots means we have to exclude them! One side is going to be fenced first to check the method works (being rough ground and on the slope means it's not easy) and, all being well, the other sides will follow.

The woodland is always a picture at this time of year, with a mass of spring flowers so do try to visit this month - but please remember to keep your dog on a lead and pick up after him/her!